Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An electric scooter for gals - the Zev 2400

Zev has come out with a 2400 watt City and Town electric motor scooter for gals which is low on cost (relatively speaking) but high in performance and features.
This model comes in Zev 2400 and ZEV2700 watt versions. Save on rising gas costs.
Not only will you find it nice and light on your pocket book, it's also environment friendly. No noxious exhaust fumes. No sound either, though many States are requiring sound put back on as no one can hear you coming.

For a limited time, they are giving away a FREE set of DWG motorcycle speaker kits with a 150 watt mini amplifier (not waterproof) and exclusive mini volume/on/off mini controller with the the sale of each Zev 2400 or Zev 2700

DWG waterproof motorcycle audio kit comes free
with every e-motorbike sale for a limited time.
Why should gals miss out on an electric scooter? Why give your money to gas companies when you can spend it on bling or outfits to match your great new Earth friendly e-scooter?

You have to special order them and it takes 120 days to get one, but it's worth the wait.

The highest performance for any bike in its class. Featuring a new design, dual stator motor, dual controllers, and more battery for more hill climbing power, speed and range over any other competing bike near the price.

 Battery 20 ah silicone/lead battery
• Voltage 60 volt (2400) 72 volt (2700)
• Dual Controllers
• Dual stator Hmotor (individually controllable)
• Range: (2700) 50 km 65 km / 40 mile (2400) 32 mile at 25 mph
• Max Speed (2700) 62 kmh/38 mph (2400) 52 kmh / 32 mph
• Vehicle Curb Weight 87.7 kg 93 kg

Click to Contact Zev dealer here.

Some US States have tax credits for buying an electric vehicle.
Check yours out at this link. It also lists Fedral credits as well.


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